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Collection of How To's

Bericht door MarcB » zo nov 22, 2009 11:45 am

The collection of Best Practices from the Technical and Tuning Fora also known as the How-To's has been moved to the BOC Member Area. The How-To's are written in the English language and available for our International BOC Members only. To access the How To's please follow the below link:

[How-To] Technical XX International Members

If you do not have access rights to the How To area and you are interested in these Best Practices, you are most welcome to become a BOC Member. More information on how to become a BOC Member can be found on the following page:


To give you quick impression on the kind of information stored amongst others in the "[How-To] Technical XX International Members" area, see below summary:
  • [How To] Bleed the brake-system
  • [How To] change the sparkplugs (Carburetor)
  • [How To] Changing the bulbs in the dashboard
  • [How To] Changing the coolant fluid
  • [How To] Check and adjust the chain
  • [How To] Check your brake-pads
  • [How To] check your coolant level
  • [How To] Clean the inside of the headlight
  • [How To] Headlights replacement
  • [How To] Mount fuel filters (Carburetor)
  • [How To] Raise the Birds tail
  • [How To] release a stuck float needle
  • [How To] Replace steps by Buell ones
  • [How To] Replace the CCT
  • [How To] Replace the turn-lens unit
  • [How To] replacement brake-pads front
  • [How To] Wind-up the CCT
  • Blackbirds Parts numbers
  • CDI for 1999 Blackbird
  • Differences between Handlebars - Original - VFR - Variobar
  • Fault finding checklist Blackbird
  • Information on second hand bird parts
  • XX chrome/polished bar ends
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Re: Collection of How To's

Bericht door MickXX » wo mar 31, 2010 10:21 am

Interest me this practical information plus possibility publication for members Czech club.
Thank you

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